Working with the NSW State Government

by David

Node Vision is proud to be an approved supplier under the SCM0020 Prequalification Scheme: ICT Services for the NSW Government. 

The NSW Government ICT Services Scheme offers a panel of prequalified suppliers to provide a range of ICT solutions to assist NSW Government agencies and other authorised buyers. It aligns with the NSW Government ICT Strategy, which provides a comprehensive approach to identifying, sourcing and procuring ICT goods and services, to ensure government harnesses new, innovative and effective approaches. 

Tutorial - Blogging with Node.JS and Keystone CMS

by Roman

There are few blogging platforms built with Node.JS. The best known is probably Ghost. - it's core strength but also weakness lies in it's motto:

"Just a blogging platform"

If you need just a blog, I highly recommend using Ghost, but if you want to run a website or lauch a web app with a blog, Keystone.js is a way to go. It is one of the best CMS out there written with Node.js on the backend. Out of the box generated app comes with blog set up, but it has few flaws - it's not SEO and social media friendly, it has very basic look and no support for social sharing. Read more to see how to fix it with few lines of code and take Keystone on par with Ghost platform.