Our Services

Web application development

We develop responsive, secure web applications with great design and well maintained code. We use Angular.JS or React.JS in combination with server-side rendering to create snappy apps which are indexable by search engines.

Smart integrations

Need to boost sales of your software product or add functionality? Integrating with well known brands will give you more credibility, users and instant features to your product. We can help you to find best partnerships in your field and integrate with calendars, booking, accounting, payment systems, Zapier, Slack and much more...

Mobile, desktop, hybrid apps

Need a step from web to mobile and deskto app stores? Does your web application need to have native capabilities like access to camera, geolocation or file storage? We use Cordova, Ionic, Atom an React Native to create apps running on any mobile and desktop platform.

APIs, mobile backend

Either it's a small api service for your mobile app, search engine with millions of items or any other complex backend service which needs to be scalable and cost effective, we are UP for the task.

Prototypes and MVPs for your startup

We understand startups need to validate their ideas and change direction fast. With rapid application development frameworks and strategies we can deliver prototypes and MVPs in time to keep pace with startup dynamics.

Process automation

When your app is being built we can help you with setting up source control, CI, task tracking systems, managing dynamic dev, test, staging and production environments. When you need to grow, we can help you with scaling, app monitoring, logging and managing your AWS and other cloud provider accounts.

Our Work


HERO.WORK App - online superpowers for tradies and small businesses

Driver order engine

We developed driver <-> order matching API for stealth startup


We helped iQualify with build and deploy automation

Avoka Transactfield App

Avoka Transactfield App - mobile/desktop app for managing remote workforce

Got you surfing

Got you surfing - connecting surfers and photographers

Xero App

Open source app demonstrating Node <-> Xero integration